We’ve all heard of CAT A and CAT B – but there’s a new kid on the block going by the name of CAT A+ – and we’ve got involved!

With the huge trend of co-working spaces seemingly knowing no limits, landlords have had to come up with some smart initiatives to continue engaging with potential occupants and CAT A+ is where many are heading. This new level of fitout provides tenants with an ‘almost complete’ office space in varying degrees – some offer just a few strategic pieces of furniture – purely to encourage ‘vision’ on the space; some will go through the tiresome process of installing fibre – ensuring a massively sped up moving-in process for the occupier; and some are going as far as fitting out the entire space – making a ‘show floor’ out of the area.

All have the same objective – to keep their noses in the traditional fitout market that’s so drastically changed over the past few years. Orchard have been involved in several of these CAT A+ projects over the past 12 months and have a couple currently nearing completion. We see it as the perfect solution for landlords needing to move spaces as quickly as possible, and tenants who either don’t suit – or have outgrown – the co-working environment. We’re proud to be one of the pioneers of this new branch of fit out and will be showcasing some of these projects over the upcoming months. Click here to view recently completed CAT A+ case studies.